A foot pedal bike that generates electricity as you pedal to motivate people to exercise through the incentive of charging their electronic devices.

Orbis was created for the busy, working person in the modern world. It combines a compact, portable form that can be used in the comfort of the home with the ability to charge electronic devices that people use on a daily basis.

How can we motivate working people to exercise more and feel rewarded for their efforts? 

A full-size, working prototype was created using a combination of traditional machining techniques, CAD and 3D printing. This prototype was tested on users who validated the concept.

Part of the Orbis business model included an app which allowed users to track aspects of their workout such as the speed at which they’re pedaling, how many calories they’ve burned and even how many miles and hours they have accumulated over time. 

An extension to the business model concept included Orbis Gym, an idea that Orbis machines and technology could be incorporated into gyms as a method for gyms to become partially self-sustainable. Gym goers using the machines would see a visual display of how much they had contributed to the gym’s energy savings which would also be a source of motivation and invoke a feeling of community and collaboration. In turn, if an individual generated enough in savings for the gym, they could earn a small fraction back on their gym membership which would encourage people to gym for longer and more consistently.

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