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Kerb Aid

A wheel attachment that helps wheelchair users to get up and down kerbs more easily.

How can we motivate working people to exercise more and feel rewarded for their efforts? 


As part of the UCL Dyson Design Engineering Summer School, we were tasked, over the course of a weekend, with designing a solution for wheelchair users to more easily get up and down kerbs. 


As part of the project, we were able to interact with wheelchair users in real life scenarios and received training on using wheelchairs ourselves to gain some first-hand insight into the problems. 

Through a process of rapid prototyping and iteration, we came up with a solution to add a lever like mechanism to the wheel axle. This had a ramp attached to the end which would create a gradient between the two levels of the kerb and allow the user to push themselves forwards and upwards onto the pavement. Once used, the ramp could be stowed behind the wheel.


For this proposal, our team of four won the top prize (Dyson Design Engineering Award) amongst a dozen other proposals from other teams. 

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