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A wearable that rethinks the way we use belts to keep children safe on public transport.

How can we allow children on public transport to have a feeling of freedom of movement whilst parents retain their peace of mind?

Keebie’s watch-like design can be worn around the wrist and be adjusted to different sizes with a buckle. A belt extends from the main compartment and can be attached to railings on public transport as well as the bags and clothing of parents.

The central compartment contains a retractable mechanism. This has a breaking strain, similar to how a seat belt in a car works, that prevents the child from falling if too much tension is applied to it.

The belt can be looped around a train or bus support that is too high for a child to reach or it can be attached to a parent’s bag. Its ability to be used in several different positions makes it a very flexible and multipurpose product.

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