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A vibrational neck massager that targets pressure points in the neck to relieve neck strain in professional drivers.

Vocational drivers can face a range of health problems as a result of prolonged periods remaining in the same sedentary position, often in seats which have limited ranges of adjustment. This leads to problems related to incorrect posture and particularly, neck strain which can cause drivers to take days off work and affect their livelihoods.

How can we create a discreet product that alleviates neck pain and can be used whilst driving?

This project worked with a wide range of users including physiotherapists, ambulance drivers in the NHS and London taxi drivers but worked particularly closely with Sam who worked full-time as a vocational driver for Uber.

Sam was consulted throughout the design, iteration and prototyping process for his feedback. It was important to create a product that was compact so that it could be comfortably worn, discreet so that it blended in with the current work environment and sleek so that it fit into the car environment and would be attractive to users.

A vibrational neck massager was created that sits on the shoulders and targets pressure points in the neck, similarly to the points that physiotherapists would target. It has flexible arms that stretch around the neck and can be operated either using buttons on the product or a remote that attaches to the air vent.

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