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A passive amplifier that utilises natural acoustics to amplify the audio of any smart device without the use of electricity.

This product was created by our student-formed company of ten called Wander in 2015 with myself as managing director. The inspiration came when, during a meeting, a member of our team placed their phone in a bowl to try and amplify it’s sound when a conventional speaker was unavailable. So we thought:

What if we could create a product that would replicate this same acoustic effect more efficiently? 

Our product was primarily available for purchase online through our social media pages and website. We also set up physical stalls at fairs and markets to increase our visibility and earn start-up capital. ​

Over the course of three years we earned a sizeable profit and our company, Wander won numerous awards at the ‘Young Enterprise’ competitions, both for the overall cohesiveness of our company and for the innovation that went into creating our product.

Through a process of prototyping, iteration and consulting acoustic experts, we arrived at our final design. This consisted of 16 layers of laser-cut plywood, joined in a specific order to create a product that was compatible with most smart devices.

As we were a small company, the Claris was manufactured in-house by ourselves using the workshop facilities we had available to us. This enabled us to personally ensure the quality of our products and to cut down on labour costs. We created a range of six different designs based on the current trends at the time; three showcasing the natural aesthetic of pine wood and three with a metallic finish.

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