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Redesigning the ambulance carry chair for easier manoeuvrability up and down stairs.

This project was carried out to redesign the ambulance carry chair in response to issues raised by ambulance workers.

A visit to St. John’s Ambulance was carried out to speak to ambulance workers and have an in depth look at their interactions with their vehicles and equipment.

From this, a major issue identified with the current carry chairs was going up and down stairs. Ambulance workers had to manually carry patients down stairs in the carry chairs, bearing their full weight for extended periods of time and requiring at least two people at a time to hold the chair. This was difficult, extended transportation time and caused injuries in workers such as muscle strains and fractures.

The redesigned chair has a large radius bend with small rubberised wheels that enable it to slide in a stepwise motion along stairs in a controlled manner with the help of just one person.  It also incorporates the same foldable design of the old chair so that it can be hung on the back door of ambulances in a compact form. On level ground, stabiliser wheels can be released from the sides of the chair using a spring lock mechanism.

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