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An automatic launching device that receives and projects tennis balls to keep dogs entertained and release their energy.

Pet-owners are often overwhelmed with the business of everyday life and spend an insufficient amount of time interacting with their pets which can lead to emotional distress and behavioural issues.


The aim of this project was to design an automatic ball throwing device that would be able to play “fetch” with a dog whilst its owner was not at home. It integrates feedback in an infinite loop so that the dog can interact with it an unlimited number of times. It also launches the ball to a height and distance that mimics the throw of a human hand.


For the launch mechanism, a pulley system was used as it had the potential to accelerate the ball quickly, without requiring much space, allowing the product to be more compact.


The Arduino UNO microprocessor was used for the electronics side. An infrared sensor was used to detect the ball being thrown into the tube and start the motors which would launch the ball through the tube.

The dog drops a small tennis ball into the funnel, the driven pulley launches it seconds later and the dog can catch the ball and repeat the cycle and infinite number of times.

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