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Publicity Officer for the Imperial College London division of the nationwide

Association of British and Chinese University Students.

Being publicity officer for ABACUS involved the responsibility of designing all artwork to advertise events including Facebook event banners, tickets, flyers and merchandise. It was important to create eye-catching designs that appropriately conveyed the theme of events as well as encouraging people to attend. It was also the responsibility of the publicity officer to take and edit photos at events to post on Facebook and Instagram.

Collaboration with other London ABACUS publicity officers was essential to coordinate the delegation of promotional material for events. It was both a challenging and valuable experience, working with others with a wide range of creative views and personalities.

A quick turnaround on designs and edits was often needed which meant that efficient use of Adobe Photoshop was important as well as time management between the responsibilities to the society and academic studies.

One of the most prominent contributions that I created for the society was the London ABACUS membership card for 2018-2019. Each of the eight London ABACUS universities submitted a proposal and my design was voted as the chosen design by the presidents of the participating universities.

I was also commissioned with designing the new logo for the Bristol University ABACUS revival beginning the year 2019-2020.

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